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Prominent Ear Correction (Bat Ears)

Prominent Ear Correction (previously known as Bat Ear Correction) involves re-shaping and positioning the ears in order to set them back closer to the head. It does not decrease the size of the ear itself – for this a separate procedure is required and Mr Price can advise you accordingly.

Prominent Ear correction attempts to address two facets of the ear; its shape and its position. The changes in shape arise from the folds in the cartilage of the ear, which must be re-shaped. After correction, this usually allows the ear to fall further back on the head and is often all that is required. Sometimes, however, sutures are needed to pull the ear back into the head and Mr Price will advise you at your consultation what would best suit you.

The operation takes place through an incision behind the ear and, occasionally, a small incision in front of the ear. The cartilage is re-shaped and if necessary a small piece removed. The incision is sutured with dissolving stitches and a head bandage put on.

After the operation, the head bandage (nick-named a ‘crash-helmet’) stays in position for a week, until you return to clinic to have it removed. At that time you will see most of the benefit of the operation for the first time, although the ears will still be bruised and swollen for a number of weeks. After the dressing is removed, you will need to wear a bandage at night for the next four weeks. This is to stop you folding the ear out during sleep and adversely affecting the result.

The procedure is relatively straight forward but occasionally complications do arise. The commonest is that the ears are not quite symmetrical. This is usually because they were not so prior to the operation and further correction may not be possible. The scar behind the ear is usually excellent but a small number of patients (up to 4%) may have problems with the scar being lumpy and/or overgrown.

To make an appointment to discuss Prominent Ear Correction (Bat Ears) surgery in Canbridge or Peterborough, please contact Mr Price’s secretary.

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